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For Little M’s room we wanted a functional, calming, gender neutral nursery that was adaptable as he developed into his toddler years.


The colourful wall mural and bunting encourages the use of his senses & provides a tool for his learning time as his speech skills develop. The soft palette and white furnishings encourage a calm and welcoming feel to the room.  I upcycled an old rocking chair with some fresh fabric and colourful pom poms and added various forms of soft warm lighting throughout the space. As Little M grew, the cot was replaced with a toddler bed and his little sanctuary transformed to suit his growing imagination.


For Harvey’s room we wanted to retain the neutral furnishings and heighten his imagination by displaying his love books, dinosaurs, the colour blue and all things animals.


I was able to reuse and upcycle many of the pieces featured in this room (win for environment and budget). Our heirloom armchair was reupholstered with soft linen and the upcycled bookshelf was given a fresh coat of paint and bespoke elephant handles. I included loads of layered textures and patterns adding warmth & creating a sense of fun.


The studio is a special space that inspires and reflects the wonderful work that Harlo does. My focus was a design that included a clean, decluttered space with loads of storage. The desk, a workspace made by my father over 10 years ago for his joinery projects was upcycled and reused.


The Studio encompasses a mixture of various natural materials, including wool, timber, straw, cork and recycled paper. The natural limewash painted walls and shelves add a level of intrigue by providing nuances of colour. A perfect space to concentrate and create. 


 A light and airy environment where guests can relax and rest. 


For our small spare room, we wanted to inject a sense of simplicity, relaxation and peace by introducing soft neutral tones and natural materials.