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Perfect as a dessert or bread side plate, these stunning porcelain pieces are handcrafted locally from Australian clay and organically black fired in seaweed for their unique dark, matt textured finish.

Black Fired Plate - Small

    • Plate dia. 16cm
    • Size, shape and markings will vary due to its natural, handcrafted production.
    • Handwash only.
    • Not suitable for microwave use.
    • Handmade in Sydney, Australia
  • Based in Sydney, Elisa's work is centred around pushing the boundaries of public perception on the capabilities of ceramics.

    Elisa believes that clay is a nuanced material that transcends the domestic environment and confidently straddles the perceived divide between art and design.

    Elisa has Bachelor of Visual Art at Sydney College of the Arts majoring in ceramics.

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