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Providing an earthy, quality indulgence to the ritual of juicing, this ceramic juicer is handcrafted locally and is available in two natural tones. 


Ceramic Juicer Concrete

    • Size, shape and markings will vary due to its natural, handcrafted production.
    • Dishwasher safe however hand wash is recommended.
    • Handmade in Sydney, Australia
  • Katherine began her apprenticeship at Cranbrooke Station Pottery in the mid 1970’s. She later moved to Hong Kong where she gained international recognition for her work and began teaching with a number of respected institutions including the Hong Kong Polytechnic, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Department of Education.

    Katherine now works from her home studio in Sydney.

    “Clay is so luscious, so pliable and forgiving – yet always the master. The immediacy of working with clay is hugely attractive to me. There’s so much technology today, people want to touch base with something human”.

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