This teapot and tea duo includes our stackable petite teapot and two small tea cups, coupled with your choice of organic Peppermint, English Breakfast or Lemongrass and Ginger tea. This exclusive tea set features a unique oriental design with a textured matt, white speckled finish.



  • Oriental Speckled White Tea set
  • Organic Tea Test Tube (5g)


The Tea'se

  • White Tea Kit: 

    • Teapot size: 10cm x 8.8cm - 250ml
    • Teacup size :7.8cm x 3.6cm - 90ml
    • Size, shape and markings may vary slightly due to its natural, handcrafted production
    • Handwash recommended.


    Your choice of Lemongrass and Ginger, English Breakfast or Peppermint organic teas. - 5g