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Harlo Design Studio is a Canberra based Interior Design Studio that believes space is precious.


“Harlo was created with the intent to transform spaces into those that enhance, inspire and influence people’s lives and well-being.” - 


I’m Tarmaine, Principal Designer here at Harlo. I’m a Sydney Design School Graduate and a fervent supporter of small businesses and the conservation of our environment. My passion is to provide aesthetic ideas that simultaneously optimise the functionality of spaces, while encouraging the use of sustainable, locally crafted products. 


Harlo’s definitive design service diminishes the overwhelming and stressful attributes often associated with interior design and injects creativity, order and loads of fun! My services are varied, customised and easily accessible. I’m a designer that likes to embrace difference and believe in the importance of immersing ourselves in spaces that encourage boldness and brilliance.


Please feel free to contact me on hello@harlo.com.au, if you are interested in any of the services listed, or if you have a locally designed product or offer a service you think I might be interested in.   


Thank you for taking the time to visit Harlo!


Tarmaine – 

  • ASK for 30 – An efficient online service specially designed for less involved queries

  • One on one consulting 

  • Decluttering/Storage space solutions

  • Furniture and fittings sourcing and placement

  • Styling (property marketing, residential and commercial) 

  • Colour consulting 

  • Commercial & Residential Design & fit outs