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Hello From Harlo


Firstly, I want to thank you for clicking onto my blog and taking the time to read what’s on it. Secondly, and I’m going to be honest here - I’m no writer - so bear with me as I fumble my way through this. Lastly, welcome to Harlo. Like my interiors, I want this space to have meaning. I hope it’s a place where we can draw on inspiration and ideas, but also serve as a tool for reflection and thought.  I’m at the ‘marketing the launch of my business’ stage. It’s not my forte. Having to promote my strengths or even discuss them hasn’t been something that comes easy for me. It doesn’t help that I keep getting asked these daft questions like ‘what’s your targeted audience?’ or ‘what differentiates you from other Interior Designers?’ Apparently, responses like ‘people that need help?’ and ‘it’s different because I’m different!’ doesn’t cut it in the marketing world.  One question that I do quite like is: ‘What has inspired you to create Harlo?’- because the answer to this comes easy to me.

Your space is precious. I live in a Fasham house built in the early 1990’s. While it’s a really beautiful home that holds so much potential, it still retains all of its original design including the bathroom’s baby blue 400x400 floor tiles and pale pink laminated vanity top. Aesthetically, the bathroom doesn’t do much for me. Yet, it’s still invested in, and when my second child was born, and I had two nuggets under the age of two, the one thing I looked forward to every day was my 20-minute evening shower.  Sad, I know – but hear me out here… It was winter, the water was warm. The pressure from the shower head eased my aches and pains of the day. The water washed away all of the baby’s trademarks and although it was always short lived, I actually smelt nice and not like an expired tub of yogurt basking in the sunlight. Best of all it was silent. No crying or screaming just the sound of water and absolute peace. All of those attributes put together was exactly what I needed at that time- that was my space. And, it was one of the few things that got me through the months to follow.    Harlo was created to help people invest in their space.  I’m not talking about financially, though granted, it still is an Interior Design Studio, and of course the aesthetics of the room do play a part in all of this.  I’m talking about investing emotionally in your space.  It’s about being in the moment. Being aware of your surroundings. Redirecting your thoughts to your feelings, to your blessings or even to your absences.  Your time is your biggest investment.  This is so difficult and is something that I have, and often still do, struggle with a lot.  Spending the time to BE in your space. Spending the time to declutter or organise a space.  Taking a moment to question your space. What is its functionality? Are you getting the most out of it? Is it doing what you want it to do & if not, what can you do to improve this?   While we are so fortunate as we have so much space here in Australia, I feel that we often neglect its importance. We forget how much of our precious time is spent in it. When it’s right, our space does so much for us. It stimulates and empowers us as individuals. It effects our productivity and energy levels and enhances our senses, mood and state of mind.  This is worth investing in. This is what Harlo is all about. If you have any comments or a thought on this topic please feel free to share. I’m also really keen to hear more about your interests so please send me an email at if there’s a topic you are eager to see covered in this blog. Many thanks again & until next time. - Tarmaine #bloggingtips #interiordesignblog


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